Norwex Cloths

Take a look at the tag on your envirocloth, or other microfiber cloths and you will see a little “antibac” logo.

Any Norwex product with “antibac” on it has micro-silver embedded in the fibers and has the capability to eliminate bacteria.  It does not mean that bacteria are eliminated upon contact, but once the cloth has picked up particles from a surface, the silver goes to work in breaking down the vital systems of any bacteria that were picked up in the cleaning process.

“Antibac” products are to be used with water only.  Soap interferes with the microfiber’s ability to pick up small particles and also creates a barrier between the silver and the bacteria which could cause the cloth to smell if the soap remains in the cloth.  The cloths may be rinsed with warm water and washed periodically with natural laundry soap or natural dish soap.  Norwex makes very good laundry soap and dish soap, but something like 7th Generation, Trader Joes, Mrs. Meyers or any natural brand will be fine.  Just make sure to rinse out the soap completely.  Never use bleach or fabric softener to clean Norwex antibac cloths – this will degrade the micro-silver and cause the cloth to loose its disinfecting properties.

What can I clean with Norwex microfiber cloths?

You will be surprised!  The envirocloth, for example does an amazing job with all kinds of messes and stains.  When used dry, the envirocloth is great for cleaning up dust and lint on smooth surfaces and even textiles.  I mainly use the envirocloth slightly wet to optimize the abrasive cleaning power of the microfibers.  Here are some examples of messes I was able to clean with the envirocloth:

  • red wine stain on wood floor
  • permanent marker on suede couch
  • soap scum around kitchen/bathroom sink
  • dusty film on bathroom walls
  • mold around bathroom cabinet
  • baked-on grease on kitchen stove
  • food spills on leather car interior
  • food spills on clothing
  • candle wax on tablecloth
  • dried, dirty wax on 60-year-old kitchen floor
  • general sticky and greasy spills on countertops

The window cloth is also antibac and is used for polishing shiny surfaces to a high gloss finish. examples include:

  • mirrors
  • windows and glass surfaces
  • chrome fixtures
  • car exteriors

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