101+ uses for Norwex Enviro Cloths.

These are testimonies from various customers and consultants. Original names have been removed.  Thanks to Carrie Manship RichardsMonica Litchfield and all the Norwex consultants who compiled this list!

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 9.06.58 PM

1. Wet it and wipe off a stain

2. Clean your windows so they’re the cleanest in town, well that is along with your neighbors that keep those white doors whiter.

3. Clean up spills on the carpet!

4. baby spit up! LOVE

5. Cleaning a microfiber couch, I once removed urine with just water.

6. Interior of the microwave

7. Those impossible to clean car seat and high chair straps

8. Cleaning the upholstery in your car

9. Getting grease off the top of my oven hood

10. Cleaning dusty lamp shades

11. Make your bathroom fixtures SHINE

12. Cleaning bathroom counters to get that nasty hair spray off ugh!!

13. Clean my grandkids little faces!!

14. Wiping off the entire toilet!!

15. Cleaning the shower until you get a Bath Mitt

16. Damp dusting my “fine” oak furniture and antiques

17. Dusting lamps

18. Pictures

19. Windows

20. My computer

21. TV careful on antiglare!

22. Sanatize your hands

23. Cleaning grease off my hands after making meatloaf

24. As yucky as it may sound, wiping your nose, I was in need and the travel pack came in handy!

25. Cleaning scum off of microwave door and oven control pad

26. Getting chocolate out of the carpet

27. Walls, baseboards, stove tops, cupboards, vinyl furniture, leather furniture, coo coo clocks, Sterio Equipment, inside of my Van even go over the floor work like a brush cleaner to brush out top layer of dirt, wash my van, all over inside vehicles, gun cleaning, blinds, desk tops, ceiling fans, did I mention lamps ?

28. Wiping down a leather sectional

29. Dirty windows before using the window cloth

30. Getting Sweet Sour Sauce out of my lavender shirt before I went to a meeting!

31. Cleaning rummage sale and thrift store toys

32. Cleaning the shopping cart with enviro and water instead of those nasty little chemical wipes!

33. Cleaning your Makeup brushes!!

34. Wiping up the food mess on the floor after my 1 year old throws her plate

35. Cleaning the gunk off the top of a refrigerator or freezer

36. The inside of the gas fire place, then of course the dish soap to get the soot out.

37. Oh yeah–stove hood!

38. Students in my classroom used a wet enviro cloth to get super glue off their hands from shop

39. Getting the glue off my son’s glasses without scratching them

40. Wiping down mattresses with old stains

41. Removing varnish from window after a remodeling job

42. Cleaning furniture polish from a mirror after 20ish years

43. Helping to remove a sliver

44. remove wallpaper glue still left on wall after vinyl wallpaper was pulled off

45. Inside the fridge!

46. Picking up GLITTER! Removing cranberry/amaretto from a linen couch!

47. Removing sticky price tag residue.

48. Pulling those white marks off your darks just out of the dryer

49. Cleaning inside your popcorn machine! Chemical free!

50. Cleaning my coffee maker and getting mold off my ceiling in the bathroom! Never came back!

51. Getting garlic and jalapeños off your fingers.

52. I’m a stylist and I use one on my customers neck line after we cut their hair to remove all those pesky tiny hairs that cause them to itch after a haircut! Works GREAT!!!

53. Grand kids use the kids enviro cloth to wipe down their toys while I use the regular to wipe down kitchen cupboard doors

54. Clean the bathroom, top to bottom

55. Use it dry as a mat for placing fresh fruits and veggies you are washing, it holds so much water, there is no mess under and around it (like there is with the other towels I was using before)

56. Wipe down light bulbs

57. Counter tops

58. Toilet

59. Wiping all door knobs around the house, office, garage, shop, etc

60. barbque sauce out of my white fabric chairs (love my nephew) and my sister was able to get an old black paint stain out of her couch

61. I keep a travel size enviro in my makeup bag to clean my makeup brushes with, then rinse out makeup and clean my sink

62. Taking hair color off of clients or the walls

63. Deodorant stains

64. -its funny you mentioned the hair color thing because just today I got dark brown hair color on the sleeve of my white sweater at work, enviro took it right out!!

65. Table top at a restaurant

66. Wipe down chair arms at the Dr.s office

67. shopping cart handle!

68. Little hands after playing on indoor and outdoor playground equipment

69. Scrubbing old paint spots(red/burgandy) off white carpet

70. Church Nursery -great for wiping down larger toys, tables, changing areas, etc

71. I have to share a funny story I just heard  (?)

72. Another for the 101 uses?? My daughter thought her bear needed a blankie

73. I was able to easily remove red nail polish from a light colored leather couch with a damp enviro cloth!! It had been there for over a year and came out in less than 10 seconds. I was sceptical, but now wishing I would have taken a before and after pic!

74. I got soot off of my painted mantle and tile with enviro cloth and water

75. We took soot off of a framed mirror with wet enviro. The frame actually changed colors! The cloth was filthy. We boiled it until it came clean, about 5 pans of water, There was no way that cloth was going into a washing machine

76. Clean up spills on the carpet!

77. Cleaning the upholstery in your car

78. To get rid of warts (My niece did) That is what sold her on Norwex.  How can it remove a wart?!?  She rubbed them on her foot everyday, 2x’s a day she said wet. The wart took about a couple of weeks, she had a few on one toe so she worked on them. One other customer said the same thing. She just washed it thoroughly everytime in the shower w/antibac or enviro and couple weeks also

79. someone was telling me they had the travel cloth in their purse and a person smashed their finger in the car door and it was bleeding really bad and the lady used the travel cloth to use as a bandage until they got to the hospital. The dr said that it didn’t get an infection in it! sounded like they then were able to sew it up and saved her finger!

80. Cleaned out my stinky diaper pail! No more stink! (Now I keep a Fridge so Fresh in there Works amazingly! !)

81. Damp used to remove 2 year old RED paint stain from carpet 😀 could barely see a bit of pink left, but I’m banking on the stain buster to take care of that when it gets in

82. Red Wine Stain out of the carpet

83. To take tape and tape residue off my windows

84. So, One testimony stated that the Travel size enviro cloth had been used as a sort of tampon to get rid of a yeast infection!!!!!! Makes sense though huh? Silver takes care of bad bacteria and is highly absorbant. I think I would take that over an antibiotic anyday! HAHA!  Further details, she had used it wet in the shower and cleaned it well in between uses. It completely took care of the yeast!

85. They had a good size cut on bottom of foot for over a month that wouldn’t heal, Was infected and wiped down the foot with enviro and after one day, cut was completely shut!!! Yah!!

86. I had a black sharpie mark on a chair in my family room for 2 years and got it out with a wet Enviro cloth in less than a minute!!! It was amazing!

87. I used to clean while kids were playing to remove the grime and germs! The best part is no nasty chemicals are sprayed where little ones play and then put hands in their mouths

88. Also use a a damp cloth to wipe fingerprints etc off of my grand piano

89. Nice to wipe down the keys after lots of little hands have been touching them

90. This woman’s windshield wiper blade had come off, so she couldn’t use it to clear the melting ice from her windshield without scratching the glass. At one point, she pulled over to wipe her window with an Enviro Cloth, and then an idea came to her. She attached the Enviro Cloth to her windshield wiper, and was able to use her wipers all the way to her destination. I’ve seen a lot of uses for the Enviro Cloth, but windshield wiper replacement blade has not been one of them!

91. *To get rid of yeast around the mouth and bum 🙂 Worked on my grandbaby in one day

92. *Wet, it wiped off old soda pop stain on mattress

93. Wiping old (15 yrs) grease from kitchen off, ceramic pieces.

94. Wiping old grease off cupboards. Really cleans but will also take some finishes so test in a small area.

95. Wiping bugs stuck on the front of your car during the summer.

96. As a towel, one enviro dried my body and hair and still was not full of water. Amazing!!

97. Use with Oven and Grill cleaner to clean the oven. Fantastic

98. Use wet with Cleaning Paste, took 2 year old sharpie off my cell phone screen without excessive scrubbing or scratching, it literally wiped right off!!!

99.Use to keep clean when you forget to wear deodorant! The travel pack is amazing for those times you are embarrassed you forgot- now nobody has to know!

100. Great for wiping down toilet seat/handles in public bathrooms and other areas.

101. Wiping down your car or bike inside and out and making it shine like you waxed it!

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